Oki! Welcome and thank you for participating in Detuning the Anthem: A Choose-Your-Own Audio Adventure. This interactive web-based artwork encourages a process of critical reflection and self-education about the role the Canadian national anthem plays in society, examining both the content and context of the anthem’s ongoing lyrical and musical evolution. 

What to expect:
The audio adventure will take anywhere between 30 minutes to multiple hours, depending on how you respond to the invitations and reflections along the way. The depth and duration of your listening experience can be determined by your own personal and political motivations. In other words, you will get out of it what you put into it. Participate to whatever extent feels comfortable and appropriate for your own personal or group circumstances.

While the audio is designed to be listened to through individual headphones, the adventure is best experienced with others. Invite a friend, family member, partner/spouse to listen with you, or gather a small group together to create a collective listening adventure. You will be invited to physically explore your community, moving from location to location between each track. This is not absolutely necessary, but it will lead to a more affective, engaging, and meaningful overall experience.

What you will hear:
The audio adventure consists of five orchestrated musical compositions, along with a series of listening invitations and reflection questions. Discuss each track, along with the instructions and suggestions, as you move through the entire audio guide adventure with your group. Replay tracks and listen again if need be. Pause along the way to reflect and consider how, when, and where you hear things determines what exactly you hear.

Safety reminders:
Please be aware of your surroundings while listening and participating in this experience. Obey all traffic laws and do not listen while driving. Follow all public health orders and social gathering restrictions related to the COVID-19 global health pandemic. Be safe out there.

Required equipment:
Each participant will need their own internet-connected mobile device to access the tracks, along with a pair of headphones for the ideal listening experience. Depending on where you reside and the decisions you make regarding each listening location, this experience might require the use of an automobile or public transit, but alternative modes of transportation including walking and cycling are highly encouraged if possible.

Once you’re ready, plug in your headphones and move to the next page to begin listening —>